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LudiX Day

Dear playful minds, we warmly invite you to games, workshops, talks and punk music at the Berlin School of Economics and Law!

LudiX is our abbreviation for ludic innovation experience. The LudiX Conference welcomes international researchers and practitioners of leadership development, cultural transformation and game thinking to share their ideas on the topic of organizational change, proposing solutions and projects between business and artistic practices. The conference is built upon the LudiX research project at HWR Berlin and HTW Berlin, eagerly supported by partners from the Berlin entrepreneur environment such as Soundcloud, Siemens, Enactus, HABA, Cornelsen, STATE Studio, Junge Tüftler, and others.


LudiX is a research program funded by IFAF Berlin, lead by Prof. Dr. Avo Schönbohm and Prof. Pelin Celik.

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